Fivfivgo™ Seamless elastic thermal innerwear

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Color: Burgundy


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A pair of self-heating breathable underwear to keep you warm in the cold season. Made with the latest heat-retaining nano fabric that regulates body temperature to 37 degrees. It is 65% warmer than traditional innerwear.

Ultra thin and comfortable to wear under your favorite outfits. Super elastic and fits well on the body for pressure-free movements. Weatherproof; keeps the body warm at all times.


  • Thermal wear at 37 degrees

Made with the latest heat-retaining nano fabric that regulates body temperature and keeps the body warm even in the cold season at 37 degrees.

  • Warmer than usual

It is 65% warmer than traditional innerwear, more effective and protective.


Fits perfectly to the body, not bumpy; makes you look and feel good.

Ultra elastic

Made from soft, elastic material that keeps you comfortable during pressure-free movements.

Perfect for Travel

A perfect partner when traveling in cold areas; lightweight, easy to carry and transport.

Under your favorite outfits

You can wear it under your favorite outfits such as coats, long sleeve jackets, sweatshirts and more!


Weight: 0.22kg


Female: Burgundy, Beige, Black, Red, Pink, Gray

Male: Navy, Black, Burgundy

Size: Free Size

The package contains:

1 Pair Fivfivgo™ Seamless Elastic Thermal Innerwear (Top & Bottom)


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and is not medically approved.

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