Foldable Metal Yard Rake For Leaves - Collect Loose Debris For Lawns Camping Shrubs And Rose Bushes

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"I’ve been a professional gardener for 20 years….Leaves will smother the grass and if not removed very soon in the spring it will inhibit growth. Second, it can promote the snow mold diseases. And finally, turf damage from critters (voles, mice) can be more extensive in the spring. So This Garden Rake Help My Worke." - Robert 

Lawn care requires the right tools to get the job done, and our 15-Tine Thatching Rake is designed perfectly to clear lawn thatch, leaves, and other debris—without grabbing and uprooting grass. 

Use this rake and your lawn will thank you. The tempered steel tines are constructed from 100% Made In The USA steel, which is up to 30% more durable than foreign competitors.

【LIGHTWEIGHT & MULTIPURPOSE】Garden leaf rake is quite lightweight and easy to use for both young men and elder people. This rake can be used to gather clippings, leaves, and loose lawn debris.

When compressed to its narrowest width, it can get under hedges and between flower beds without damaging delicate plants. Perfect for working under hedges, in flower beds, and on hard-to-reach roofs without concern.

【ADJUSTABLE COMFORTABLE HANDLE】- Adjustable ergonomics rakes extend from 31 to 56 inches for comfortable uses whether you are a short or tall person. Longer than most telescopic rakes on the market, with less bending down or fatigue during long-time work, you can have a comfortable experience when doing yard work. Save yourself from a bad back with this lightweight leaf rake

【15 FLAT TINE EXPANDABLE HEAD】Adjust the rake width to a tiny 8 inches for tight areas. This rake is designed to go in tight spaces that are difficult for conventional rakes. Expands to a full 23 inches. The metal tines seldom break and can be hammered back into shape if they get bent

【HIGH-QUALITY】Note that it is not designed to be a heavy-duty rake for rocks and heavy materials. In addition, this set also includes 72 Gallon reusable Garden Waste Bags for collecting leaves and other items

【SPACE SAVER】 Shed or garage space will not be an issue with this easy-to-store tool as collapsing the tines helps limit the room it takes up. Just pull the lever up towards the end of the handle and it fits anywhere. This leaf rake is great to take along to a campsite to clear away leaves for a tent or campfire. Order with confidence!


Length: 32-63'' adjustable
Tooth Width: 7.6-23'' adjustable

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