Fivfivgo™ Honeycomb Butt Lift & Enlargement

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Give your face a fuller feeling with our newest product that our customers are all raving about!

“I really like it! After wearing these pants for a month, I can see that my butt is fuller and has a round and sexy look on both cheeks. My butt is definitely round and high. I haven't been working out because I'm busy." I'm so excited to see these plump and round results on my butt in such a short time without constant gym workouts. It allows me to get a great butt without working out... Fivfivgo™ Honeycomb Butt Lift  & Enhance   is THE REAL THING!”-Sophia, Vienna

“I never knew such a thing existed! I doubted its effectiveness. After   trying this Fivfivgo™ Honeycomb Butt Lift & Enhance , I was not disappointed, not even one! I noticed that my buttocks were becoming fuller and firmer. I feel more confident! My husband noticed that my charm had returned and I couldn't help but feel like I could take on the world. I am now a loyal user of this type of panties and no one can tell me otherwise!” – Camilla Lizarazo

Fivfivgo™ Honeycomb Butt Lift & Enhance  can effectively shape women's hip line, help you   tone, tighten and firm your hips   , relieve pressure and lift hip muscles.

This Fivfivgo™ Honeycomb Butt Lift & Enhance uses microcurrent technology to stimulate growth and firming of the buttocks. It does this by stimulating collagen production, which helps improve the fullness and firmness of the buttocks. The best part is that this happens without any invasive or surgical procedures. With continued use, you'll get the butt you've always dreamed of!

 Surprisingly , without changing exercise or diet, Fivfivgo™ actually had  significant effects on increasing waist circumference, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage.

Studies have shown that wearing  Fivfivgo™  for one day is 18 times more effective than regular gym or fitness training.

In addition, it brings other health benefits:
elimination of incontinence problems,
positive effects on blood vessels,
visible effects on the human psyche and general well-being.

Firmer, smoother and fuller butt the healthy way!

These butt lift pants are designed to lift and emphasize the buttocks, for people who want to achieve a better shape of the buttocks. It uses the latest tourmaline technology to stimulate your glutes with safe microcurrent. Get in better shape with butt lifting pants technology, not exercise or body training.

Draw attention to yourself wherever you go! Make men notice how curvy and fit you are. There are many size options for women with different body types. It can help make the hips more visible and fuller, tone and firm, and highlight the buttocks.

What does  Fivfivgo™ Honeycomb Butt Lift & Enhance do  ?

Fills and firms
. Improves collagen production.
Improves blood flow and circulation.
Improves digestive function
. Shaping and shaping the waist and hips.
Release of negative ion microcurrent.
Prevents the accumulation of bacteria.
AAA grade antibacterial micronylon material.
Seamless design

Here are some of our satisfied customers:

WEEK 1: I use it every day and can see the difference! It works super well. It is great! I bought 8 pairs of pants to change and I love them. I wore it for a week. I really have a feeling of extra strength in my hips and feel comfortable

WEEK 4: After wearing it for 4 weeks, my hips have gotten bigger. And my hips have become more elastic. I never thought it would work so well. I have already recommended it to my friends – Karen Stapleton

“I can  definitely confirm that it works! I had bariatric surgery and my butt suffered the most  Butt Lift & Enhance  completely transformed it. After just 23 days of use I have already seen an increase in the size of my hips. When I don't have time to exercise, I'm glad it's good for my butt and I can now wear a swimsuit with confidence!” - Susan Porter

NOTE: The product is suitable for use in all seasons and can generate its own heat in winter.


Fivfivgo™ Honeycomb Butt Lift & Enlargement ((Black/Grey)

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and is not medically approved.

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